Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fun Stuff

This weekend has been great. Its been the first weekend in awhile where I haven't felt it flew by. We relaxed, cleaned, planned, and played. It was great. Jeff was home all weekend which is rare and Loved by all the woman in this house! He was able to clean out our entire garage- which was a huge feate! Im so proud of him.

Today was family worship in the park. What a perfect day! It was beautiful and chilly. The park was filled lots of families under blankets. Plenty of people stayed and picnic-d. Ayla loves "park-time". Leah was in a great mood too! We ate, rode the train and then headed home for naps. After naps was delish dinner with Mimi and Papaw- and guess who got dinner too?

We gave in. Leah been showing signs for weeks now that she was ready for solids. She did awesome. It was almost like she has always been eating. No funny faces. No spitting out with tongue thrust. Somewhat uneventful. But, very cute!

Ayla & Leah first foods

Hope you all had a great weekend too. Let's hope for an even better week!!


Sandy said...

wow you can barely even tell them apart at that age! So beautiful! Glad you had a great weekend, we made it to Brown County to go camping with my family and it was nice and relaxing and Sammi seemed to enjoy it! That's the important part right? :)

Brookeanne said...

Awww, you are the SWEETEST! Looks like a fantastic day! Are you enjoying the prelude to the upcoming fall weather as much as I am? I just loathe the idea of the usual cabin fever winter, that I know is just around the corner! Glad that Leah is loving solids! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic of her holding the spoon in her own mouth. Claire is so ready to stick things in her mouth, but doesn't seem to have the dexterity for anything other than her fingers, lol!

Chelsa said...

glad you guys had a great weekend! and go miss leah!! :)