Monday, September 7, 2009


Wow a week went by without me posting. Its almost scarey! Though my leave of absense was due to a couple unforseen disturbances this week. Mostly, bugs...


Last week, I sat down to check my email, read up on things, whatever. I came across a forward from my grandma. I rarely open fwds. I do mean rarely, but the subject line caught my eye. It said 'The next terrorist attack'. I past it twice, then thought, Im curious.



Or a virus... trojan. malware. whatever! Darn, bugs chewed up my content. My precious getaway. My computer. It did not harm my computer in any way. It actually was interesting. It is a virus that poses itself as an anti-virus program. So it would pop up warnings constantly, annoying, and frequently. So, frequently that if you didn't think about what you were doing you may click it and think I definitely need to download this antivirus. But, I was smarter than that! I do not have said virus anymore and made sure Not to email or send anything to you all during the time of infection. All clean now.


Wednesday, Ayla was staying with my SIL while Jeff and I handled some car business. I got a phone call saying she was fever-ish. EEK! I have come to learn that Ay spikes fevers and hangs onto illnesses. Poor babe. She is fine. Upper respiratory junk. She hit the worst of her symptoms on the way home from Nashville Sunday. I think the combonation of being overly tired and sick, hit her hard. I found a homeopathic concoction to help with cough/cold symptoms at Wal-Mart. It has helped out.

PS. Our Nashville trip was awesome. Much more to come on that....

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Chelsa said...

what kind of new car did you end up getting?
my rendezvous has built in babysitters too, love 'em on road trips!