Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A sense of humor...

Sleep. Is. Non-existant.

But, hopefully we'll be seeing the horizon soon. I am at my wits. I barely made it to playgroup today. Leah is sick with a double ear infection, which we're trying to ride out. She is showing signs of feeling much better. I am also battling serious sinus infection. So my head feels like its going to explode. I coughed for an hour straight last night while trying to fall asleep while Jeff didn't even flinch next to me.

But, there is a positive side....

Leah pooped today. A big POOP. And I couldn't smell it!


If my ears popped, I would have had to hear how loud Ayla was whining today!

But, really Id like to sleep again. And Id like my content baby back. Though I could do without smelling stinky diapers. Right now Im so tired I would sleep with a stinky diaper! (Ew) Thank you for all your suggestions. Its fair to say that most of you are stronger than I- and use the CIO method. Not to say we hadn't tried it with Ayla. She would turn blue, really. Once Leah is all over her illness, we may try to let her put herself down. But, we'll see.

Im just trying to keep a sense of humor about it all. Things will get better. I know.

They have to, right?


Jennifer said...

It will get better! I always tell Travis that if I could just get a whole night's sleep--I would be a different person. But somehow mommies acclamate. I always tell my boys--who wake up multiple times a night to pee or because they want to sleep in my bed or because of whatever--and THEN get up in the morning at the crack of dawn that one day they are going to want to sleep in and I am going to be so used to waking up so early that I will have plenty of payback time. :)I'm glad you made it to playgroup--it was fun seeing you today! We should do it more often!

Brookeanne said...

Awww... wish we could have been at play group :).

Hang in there Courtney! It will get better!!! Sleep deprivation is horrendous, especially when they're sick! Any family to help while you catch a nap every few days?

Chelsa said...

hope you both feel better soon!

Jennifer said...

I'm not STEALING it! Don't I have to post my OWN recipe for your Mr. Linky thing to link to it?!