Wednesday, September 30, 2009


It was a no go for avacados as Leah's first food. Ha. She gagged. Ayla never gagged at anything. But, seriously, do you Mama's know the benefits of avacados? Really. Its a bonafide superfood! Read up.

Though she may not like them now... we'll keep trying.

Tomorrow... green beans?

Since I created this post we have successfully had green beans and tried applesauce today. Green beans were eaten but I can tell they won't be her fave. Apples, though.... she loved.

PS>>>>>> Who out there makes/made their own baby food?


Abby said...

I had great intentions on doing it this time around, but the time got away from me this summer and now we are headed to table food... I do know some that go by the book "super babyfood" said it's GREAT and EASY.. (just gotta find the time right?)

Chelsa said...

do you make your own? i think it is great when momma's make their own... although i didn't with B, when i had him i could barely make a grilled cheese lol! i def. wasn't the cook i am today ;)

Anonymous said...

I make my own babyfood, and I LOVE it! It is super easy, alot better for them, and ALOT cheaper! I go by the book Super Baby Food. Delaney LOVES it! She wont even touch the boughten food. I can't blame her though, I wouldn't eat it either. The book is so easy to follow. Do you make your own babyfood? If not, you should check into the book, it is well worth it!

Jennifer said...

I made my own most of the time. We kind of skipped baby food with Bryce...he was eating bits of my McDonald's cheeseburger at 9 months. I would have NEVER allowed Triston to do that! By the time the 3rd is around you just kind of go with whatever is going on.'ll see, I'm sure.

BTW, we LOVE Avocados!

Jamie said...

I see that Shawna already posted on your blog. I was going to refer you to her if you were interested. I hope to get info from her when Jax starts eating baby food.

Amy said...

I made my own baby food off of our table scraps. I bought a baby puree at Babys R Us. YOu can choose the consistency of the food. YOu do chunky or super pureed. A very good buy.