Sunday, September 13, 2009

Not so soup-er?

Soup-er Friday... was not so soup-er? Im soup-er sad to be exact! ha I had 10 people want to join in and only 3 linked up. What's the deal kids?! Aww... Im just giving you all a hard time. I am actually chompin' at the bit to try Steph's recipe for one of my FAVE soups! Plus, many have raved over Brit's vegi so that will sure be had here too.

Though Im not thrilled with the turnout, I loved sharing my recipe with you. Hopefully, everyone tries it and sees how easy and awesome it is! I will keep McLinky up until Monday so everyone can click it to see the recipes or if you want to add a link late go ahead.


Abby said...

sorry leah,, i really had great intentions... this FRIDAY got away from me and to say the lease i forgot 3 things i was to do that day :( so sad... if I get a chance i'll add it today, but from the looks of my blog.. i'm ALOT behind.. so we'll see.... i enjoyed your recipe though.. have to try it out..:)

Jenelle said...

Sorry:) I did want to participate but forgot!

Chelsa said...

this friday was so busy for me :( boo! and i can't get to the link of brittany's veggie soup?? help me out, veggie is my fave! i know she is private but i can view her blog? just not hte post?