Wednesday, September 9, 2009

TN trippin': Part 3 The In Between

Saturday am started with a big breakfast and off to the zoo. The Nashville Zoo at Grassmere was very nice. Lots of shade with trees and bamboo on all side. Windy paths with hidden nooks to view the animals. I, however, am no expert on zoos. I honestly have never been to a zoo. But, I do know I will be returning to one soon.

Ayla was quite the fan.

Leah was along for the ride.

Like I said, I had never been to a zoo. So not knowing what to expect. I carried full intentions of keeping my rules intact. Mom's not so fun sometimes.... I realized (mainly after reflection) that we were at a zoo. It didn't matter if she ran around, didn't want to wear her hat, threw a fit, whatever. Ok. The fits bothered me. The girl was not feeling up to par and I was making her ride in the stroller bad mom when she made very clear she wanted a wagon, Mom! Whatever. All fits aside it was pretty awesome. Most of the time a fit is due to low blood sugar- a girl's gotta eat. So after a quick lunch we ended the trip with our fave animals.

The Zebra. The Elephant. The Giraffe. Though Ay loved the Meercats.

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Chelsa said...

if you weren't so sweet i'd have to hate you for being so darn pretty!!
love the pics of you guys looking at the animals!