Friday, September 18, 2009


Oh yes plans we do have. I have spent the better part of the day cleaning our home. Which was much neglected through our dark period we just had. Now things are slowly slipping back to norm.

Ayla is 100%- though fighting naps like a champ. She is no match for me though. If it was up to me my children would be napping up until kindergarten. :) Leah is getting better. Much more pleasent through the day & napping better. But, nights are still a bit blurry to me. Jeff and I keep passing it back and forth I guess because both of our heads are still swimming. Not that total lack of sleep would have anything to do with that?

But, like I said we're slowly slipping back into our norm. The house is smelling more fresh. Well, I can only smell with one nostril- but I think its an improvement. Our plans for this weekend were to jump back into our painting (the brick on the exterior of our home).

BUT instead we will be entertaining guests. One of my best friends from college and her family are coming in for the car fest. So we'll have 3 kids and 4 adults running wild in our home. That's the majority of the cleaning is all about. We're excited. We haven't had anyone stay with us at this house yet. It will be fun! Hopefully the weather will cooperate for fire, grillin', chattin' and smores. Sunday is my lil nephew Wyatt's 5th birthday party. I should probably pick up his gift, huh? I'll get on that....

Anyways, we've got plans. Hopefully, next week I will be back to our normal programming. Thankful Thursday & Soup-er Friday will be back in full effect! My friend Jen already told me she plans on posting up some awesome recipes so Im ready to see what's cookin! Next Friday Im planning on posting some fave fall snacks. I'll put MrLinky up again so everyone can join in- share your fave fall foods or soups. Until then Have a great weekend!

P.S. My Leah is sitting for short periods on her own!!!!


beth and pete said...

my sister and i jog near your neighborhood sometimes, so now i think i have enough clues to see which beautiful house is yours!
good luck getting more sleep. did you move into leah's room? i have slept on the floor or the sofa for a month now, but it is easier than getting up and running through the house in the middle of the night.
this friday i will post something, but i don't know how appetizing vegan stuff is to normal people, haha. have a great weekend!

Chelsa said...

glad ya'll are feeling at least some better!

brycen is 4- will be 5 in december and if we're at home he still naps most days!

Chelsa said...

(i was just saying that i think it's okay if you make them nap until K). :)