Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Flippin' Sweet Weekend

Anyone watch Napolean Dynamite? Its flippin' sweet. Really. I love that movie.

Check this girl out? She's a flipping fool. Ayla has been doing somersalts since 18months old. She stopped doing them several months ago and pretended to not know even what the word meant. Saturday she proved me right that she not only knew what it was but had mad skills at it!
Leah was checking it out. So not impressed. Only kidding. Ayla gets that girl pumped up!

And Ayla was gracious to have an audiance.


Ali Gish said...

This is so cute! Copeland tries to do flips, but he just rolls to the side. He can't quite flip over yet. At least he tries though! :)

The Gingerich Family said...

Izabelle has been doing flips too. I am thinking about putting her in Together Time at gymnastics sometime this winter. TOO CUTE!!!

Chelsa said...

too cute!! great pics!

Brittany said...

She is gonna be ready for tumbling time during dance next year!!

City Girl Gone Country:) said...

Awe, look at her go!!:) ADORABLE:)
Your girls are growing so fast:(
I miss seeing you around Court, you are such a good mommy and make me look forward to having children of my own!!:)

Love an old "dancer"
Amber O

Tara said...

Such a cutie and a flippin' fool! I wonder where she gets all that flippin dancing talent? :)