Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Laundry Room Reveal

I can't begin to tell you the mess our house was when we moved in. Have I ever shown you before pics? Hmm... Anyways, we took a chance on an older home. Crossing our fingers that the bones were strong and we could turn water into wine- so to speak. Honestly, I was just praying we wouldn't be turning water into kool-aid. Really. We had never taken on a project so big.

We are still currently under project (after project, after project). But, its good. No miracle took place, but we love our home and have put a lot of "love" into it. One of the things on my wish list was to have a laundry/mud room off the garage. Don't ask me why.... just always thought they were appropriate. So my husband delivered. We salvaged cabinets from the gutted kitchen and painted it the prettiest blue and wa-la.
Not bad... huh?
These are real life pics man. No need to pick up laundry!

Now... that was the BEFORE pics... even though they are technically after construction, before update pictures. You following.... Ok, catch up. It gets better...

I cleaned up the cabinets and refreshed them with a coat of paint: $0

Removed hardware and sprayed it pewter: $0

Added baskets to match our laundry basket: $8/ea x4= $32

Added molding to top: $5

Not bad for under $40?! I am really happy with how the cabinets turned out. I am available for hire- but with a price.... kidding. Maybe.


Abby said...

I have always wanted a mudroom at my entry too, but this house just doesn't allow for it.. looks great..:) aren't those low cost jobs FUN!

Tera said...

Love the color. Is that a verse/Uppercase Living on the opposite wall? I want to see! :) BTW, I left you a humongous comment on your breastfeeding post. How's it going?

Brittany said...

I love a bargain!!! Looks great!

Jessie said...

Glad you were able to do it cheaply! Love the blue...looks like the blue in my aunt Dee's fresh & clean...great for a laundry room!

Chelsa said...

love it!! good job :)