Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I came across this blog today. Oh man. I held my breath as I read.
I don't have a clue what they are going through, but I know its gotta be SO difficult.
Today their little man is having surgery... extensive surgery to repair is heart.
Please read his story and pray.
Im posting this as Thankful Thursday- you will understand why it is appropriate after you read his amazing journey during his short life.
He has the Great Physician on his side and we know HE can do miracles!


Sandy said...

Nope, no cake for Sammi :) Matt had it on video and it was hilarious because at the end of it I said slowly....she can't have that Mat....she can't have that...SHE CAN'T PUT THAT IN HER MOUTH....and the camera that was video taping instantly shoots to the floor as we both scramble to get her and the cake away from each other lol...hense the crying face later on ;) It was funny....good love being a first time mommy lol And yes, she loves the mesh bag, messy as all get out, but definately a soother! Thanks for the suggestion!

Jessie said...

Sandy's comment reminded me that I still have your mesh teether! I will get it to you ASAP. I just bought Koen 2 new ones at Target last week. Hopefully Leah isn't like Koen and drools and chews on things for months before getting any teeth!! He's been working on some for a couple weeks now & there's still no visible sign of any:(

Jessie said...

Oh & I just checked out that blog about baby! I normally don't check out random blogs like that simply bc I don't have the time, but something prodded me to check it out. It def puts your priorities in the right place.