Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another fun weekend

We had another fun weekend. And unfortuneately, we're already planning for this one. It seems like life is at warp speed. My baby's are growing & learning fast, my house is dirty 5 seconds after I clean it, activities are abound. Though I do love the hurriedness, I can't wait to SLOW down a bit.

That is what fall is all about in my book. Slowing down. Sipping cidar. Baking oatmeal. Sharing it with friends. For now, I'll try to savour the present til I can watch it go by.

Last weekend we watched our fave lil dudes play soccer. It sure was cold out on the fields with the wind blowing. #19 reason to have babies... they are like little heaters on your lap when its cold out. So pretending to keep Leah warm, we snuggled. Never a bad thing.

Wyatt did great. He's an aggressor on the field. My kind of player. ha.

Later that eve we went to a bday party for my cousin's step-son Aden. He's a bundle of energy, very polite, cheesy cheese for the camera, and had a blast with his friends. There was a hay ride, caramel apples, chili, and dogs over the fire. Now that's fall!! My Aunt Lynn (his gma) did an awesome job party hosting. It was perfect.

This is Ayla with my Papaw seconds after she sweet talked him into spoon feeding her another helping of ice cream! ha She was very spoiled by her great g-parents. They gave her ice cream, cake, brownies, a cookie, and wondered why I squealed at the site of giving her a caramel apple on a stick.


Chelsa said...

glad you had a good weekend! life does go at warp speed- i don't like it!! how do we slow down?!

Andrea said...

I really LOVE Ayla's hat!!

Brookeanne said...

You are too funny! Very cute post! The girls look great in there hats! :)

Amy, Shane, & Murph Dog said...

Your girls are so precious!