Friday, October 30, 2009

The Blowout

Ha. Seriously the picture was so sweet. Until you look close and notice the blowout. My two girls were listening to "Twinkle, Twinkle". Ayla's sweet voice echoed over the top. I grabbed my camera so I could take a pic to have as a memory. Then after I picked Leah off the floor for lunch I noticed the "gift" as Tera put it! ha This was a couple weeks ago and I came across it and thought you Ma's would get a kick out of it. The diaper company sure bank, don't they?!
Have a great Halloween.

We already hit the grandparents tonight. After eating a great dinner at my bro's restaurant. :) That's right. My big bro took over the Country Club in Washington and will be starting fresh and making yummy food!

Here's a taste of Leah's first Halloween and Ay's treat-fest (ha)!

Mama's Baby Bees

Off to the grandparents....
Mamaw & Papaw Owens

Mimi and Papaw Cosby

Lots more festivities to come. Thankfully this rain is supposed to pass!! Enjoy & Bee safe!


Tera said...

Pretty cute bees you've got there! :) I'm hoping the weather cooperates today too.

Sandy said...

Ok fine I caved. I started a blog site on here, it's under my profile. Just for you, you should feel special ;) It will take me a little while to get caught up though, but at least you can get a little sneak peek :) Enjoy