Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shout out!

Yesterday, I picked up a day shift at the hospital. They have been really busy and that's where my job comes in. I am fortunate enough to be able to stay home with my girls and fortunate enough to love being a nurse. Its hard, but my girls always taken precident. Ultimately, I love staying home with my girls now. So nursing takes a back burner. Im totally ok with that. But, I wanted to give a shout out to all those full-time working Mommies out there. Wowza it was hard plotting out the time to pack bags, write out schedule, unfreeze milk, fret about me not being there, and then pull two sleeping girls from their beds in the am. Phew. You Moms Rock! I definitely think you don't get enough credit for the two full time jobs you hold! PS. It was still dark when I got up.... what?!


A big shout out to Miss Leah. She can sign for "milk". Im not sure which Mommy's choose to teach their children how to sign. But, I KNOW personally it helped grow Ayla's vocabulary early. Plus, she could tell us what she needed before she could even speak! How cool is that....


Who says you can't have it all? We watched our newphews all day on Sunday. So I was magically turned into a Mom of 4. Weird. Those of you who know me, know Id like to have at least four kiddos. Shout out to me... I know I can do it and survive! After church I cooked lunch & cleaned while the kids played. Baked cookies, watched a movie, got the younger two down for a nap.... phew. I wanted a nap, too. hehe Anyways, I know I can do it now!


My bloggy friend Brookeanne gets a BIG shout out for being able to use a sewing machine! Hello, my name is Courtney and am secretly in love with the thought of being able to use a sewing machine. Wow. Glad I got that off my chest. Off to call my grandma about reading the instruction manual on hers! ha


Sonya said...

I have always wished I could sew also!!

Chelsa said...

i can sew A LITTLE... my grandma taught me when I was little... but pillows is about all I can make at this point in life.