Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thankful Thursday: Rememberance & Leah is 6 Months

Today my littlest turns half a year old. That seems so monumentous for us! Half a year has gone by since I sat on that bed, felt her kick inside me and listened to her take her first breath. She was so perfect and swollen. She made this sweet noise that made the entire room stop in awe... a bit like a baby kitten.

Now that same baby I fell in love with 6 months later....

sits on her own.

laughs All.the.time.

loves kids and studies their every move.

still very much attached to Mommy.

nursing most of the day + 2 bottles and solids.

has eaten rice & oatmeal cereals, apples, sweet potatoes, & green beans.

gets herself in the weirdest positions.

scoots and rolls all over, not content to stay in the same place.

has two front bottom teeth and working on more.

wearing sizes 3-6mo-6mo, size 2 diapers.

its cold so Mama likes to put her in legwarmers & tights.
reaching out to be held.
passing objects from hand to hand.
called by many names from Mama- Hope, Hope-e, Ladybug, Lee-bee.
We love you ladybug. You are such a joy in our lives. I can't wait to see the kind of woman you will become :)

Also, I was reading that today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. I feel so absolutely blessed every day to see my two sweet girls thriving. I don't talk much about this, but I was greatly affected by a friend's loss during my pregnancy with Leah. Like many of you blogging Mommies out there we all grew to know and love Andon. I know one day I will meet him and hold him. Until that day, Chelsa know that I think about you and A often. Baby Corbin is so lucky to have you and his two older bros to look after him. You are SO strong


Chelsa said...

thank you so much for your thoughtful and heartfelt post ! it means so much to know people have forgotten andon. he is such a part of our family and always will be.

i posted pics of him on FB for the first time today- seemed fitting! it never felt right before today, but today i just felt like i should. i hope it touches other people in the same way.

Brookeanne said...

I love this post. I've been excited to do a similar post with an "unveiled" pregnancy photo for Claire's 6mo, but I doubt I'll be ab;e to do one this fantastic.

P.S. I love what you wrote at the end.