Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Playgroup Halloween

So I guess its fair to say you will sneak a peak as to what my lil girls are for Halloween. hehe Oh well. As I have told some before, Im not too big on Halloween. Its just for fun. Its either hot or cold in the midwest- so you don't know how to plan. You drive around town with wings sticking out akwardly from the carseat just to get a bunch of candy that you guiltishly eat bc you surely don't want your toddler to consume all of that JUNK! :)
Before Playgroup Snaps.....

We look forward to playgroup every Wednesday. Gives us Moms a place to vent, laugh, cry, share stories, discuss vaccinations, and sympathize when someone is attacked by a dog. Really. Nearly everyone dressed up this year which was SO cute!
Baby Bee at playgroup

We lost a couple from the group shot. William did not want to sit and Caitlyn was protesting.

R to L: Harrison, Riley, Ayla, Leah, Lanie, Noah, Meredith, Benjamin


Brittany said...

What a great little group we have. Thanks for emailing picture!

Sandy said...

well maybe if you ever dipped your feet into the facebook world you would be able to see some of the pictures (hint hint) :) lol. I have a group on there, but that's about it for right now. Just seeing what it's all about and going to just go from there. So yeah, facebook. you. Good mix. ;)

Leah Robinson said...

So cute!!!