Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Thoughts

I should really update more often.

Im sad I haven't taken pictures of my girls in a while. And by a while I mean, like a week. Hopefully that will change shortly.

My house has stayed consistantly, somewhat clean for about a week. It helped getting a new look and more storage in my living room. Maybe I'll show that off sometime?

I nearly cried holding my friends newest addition yesterday. At only 7 hrs fresh she was so buttery soft, quiet, and perfect. I don't know if it was her sweet chubby cheeks that reminded me of my Leah. But, she was lovely. Congrats again Rainey's!

Im in constant project mode. By that I mean, I always want to do a project. That by no means translates to projects getting completed or even started. I just ripped off all the wallpaper in our basement bath. It is a Huge bathroom. And the only room we haven't touched since the move. I am motivated to finish this project and in a short amount of time. Just because.

I am in a tizy lately about my kiddos getting sick. Blame it on hearing the new (and young) cases of H1N1 in our neck of the woods. A little too close for comfort. I have holed us up for the most part. Don't like taking them out to Wally anymore- its too gross. Which is why I have been seen doing my grocery shopping at 9pm lately. Boo

Leah has officially became a problem sleeper. I know in my heart she really isn't. I keep telling Jeff that "I just know something is off". Is she sick? Teething? Needs more solids? Less solids? The problem is Mommy fixes everything. Maybe that's not a problem, but its tiring.

My Ayla spent the night at my parents house for the first time ever last weekend and had a Blast! She keeps talking about it... so cute. I don't know why its never happened before? We've stayed away from her multiple times.

I read a funny blog yesterday about children's cartoons and how ridiculous they are. Seriously? Has anyone ever seen Max & Ruby, Jungle Junction, etc. Woah. I actually don't mind watching some select gems.

Im mad because the place I ordered Ay's awesome halloween costume from is mysteriously 'refunded' me. Hmmm..

I love to shop. And this is a problem. Because you know that require money. Though everytime I think I have enough clothes for the girls I can't find anything I want them to wear, or get dirty, yet. Ha. Then there is home decor. Ladies, I have lived here for a year and have Very, very little on my walls. I must change this....

I am thinking we should get out of our pajamas and do something. Maybe not?


The Gingerich Family said...
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The Gingerich Family said...

Don't feel bad that you don't have anything on your walls. We lived in our house for 2 1/2 years and I have very little.
I am terrified of the flu this year, the seasonal and the H1N1, especially now that Grace is at school full time. And not to mention that everytime we go out to eat, I wonder if someone washed their hands or has/had the flu. I am really getting paranoid about this stuff.
I need to email you sometime regarding my dance team...I have some news for ya.

Jessie said...

Sad I couldn't/wouldn't go with you yesterday to see the new babe..I just might possibly be the most H1N1 paranoid girl there is. You already know that, though;) I'm now avoiding Wal-Mart as much as possible, too. Also, I think every normal woman has some sort of shopping addiction..atleast I know I do!;)

Chelsa said...

being prego and brycen having asthma has caused me to be VERY paranoid of the h1n1 this year... boo :( i've never been one to worry about getting sick and usually deal w/ B being sick in a very efficient manner... but this stuff scares me! just stories i've heard on how fast it can take over and stuff... especially w/ his asthma and now he's already had pneumonia this year... and he goes to pre-school (with snotty boogery little kids who don't wash their hands every time they touch their snot)! okay, i should shut up now!

i'm with you on being in constant "project mode"... i think ryan wishes i wasn't so "project orientated"... each time we finish one up there is 3 more to start on! i really love seeing something transform from old and not so pretty to something very lovely!

i'm so jealous you got to hold a new little sweetie. i'm looking very forward to holding a couple new ones that are coming to my neck of the woods! i can't wait til it is my turn to hold my own!

Brittany said...

Everytime I see your house you have done something new to it. Its coming together great. Plese, please, please motivate me to do SOMETHING to my house :) Living out of boxes with flooring partically finished, and no kitchen sink or countertops is driving me nuts!

Lindsay Lynch said...

Let me tell you I think I have all the issues you are dealing with going on as well!! Still after a year trying to put the finishing touches on my house.. trying to keep my kids disease free.. and trying to get my husband to finish all the projects that I have started for him (bc even though I have started them alot of them need finished with tools which he does not allow me to use)... Anyways I guess we will take it one day at a time. Have a good one!!

beth and pete said...

yes, this all does sound very familiar for us too. it makes me feel better though, that we aren't the only ones :-)
looking forward to seeing new pics of your girls.

Jennifer said...

I'm with you! Swine Flu has scared the crap out of me, too! Forunately, after a little research, it looks as if it is less severe than regular flu. But still...no more Wal-Mart trips for us, either. Especially since my kids do stuff like lick the frozen food doors. UGH!

I think having projects is part of being a woman. I rent a house and still find endless projects to do!

Amy said...

We have been in our house for 4 1/2 years and I still have little on my walls. I wish I was project oriented, but always find a reason we should not spend the money. Can you help me get over that??????
Love reading your blog, and thanks for the sweet comments you have left me.

Tera said...

I had to laugh about the girls' clothes comment! I find myself in the same boat...always thinking I don't have quite the right outfit for the occasion...or I don't want that one to get ruined...or I'm saving that for a special day. It's silly really, I know. :) Good luck with your bathroom project!

Mandy said...

totally with you on the project mode, there are actually 3 projects sitting on my bar now... not even started, just ideas! Flu-SCARES me! Good luck with the projects!

Armes Family said...

I also am terrified of the H1N1!! I know Jessie thinks she is the most H1N1 paranoid girl....but get this...I went to Jay C the other day...refused to touch the shopping cart handle...so I grabbed some of the clorox wipes and used them to push my cart!! I'm such a germ freak anyways.

kellirenae said...

o i am so glad to see that i am not the only one with house problems. i've been in our house for over 2 years and i still don't have curtains up! i blame it on me being too picky and not finding any i really like, but it's just me not being motivated. i guess it is always a work in progress, but i know how you feel!