Thursday, April 14, 2011

102: Soccer?

So Ay's first soccer game was the other day. I wasn't sure how she'd do. We walked up, she was hugging my leg. At one point before the game Libby (coach) was holding her. Why? So after a "pep talk" she did it.

No worries. Ran like the wind- or at least that is what we tell her. hehe Something about a little kid.. I don't know.. they love to hear they are fast. And I like to tell them that :) She is not naturally agressive and I am fine with that. She hung outside the pack and ran in circles around them. It was precious.

Those were pics to prove she did touch the ball though. hehe Don't mind my weird coloring on last pic. I was switching through setting and realized that she was about to kick it in and went with it. A memory is a memory no matter how pretty it looks haha


Tasha said...

I can't wait to see a game this weekend, if it doesn't get rained out. I will be sure to tell her how fast she runs too! :)

Sonya said...

I love the first picture of her! Beautiful:) It's so much fun to watch the kids in sports!!

Chelsa said...

super cute!