Monday, April 18, 2011

Life 365: 105 & 106

So Leah's bday came and went. We found out she had an ear infection, saw a movie, and attempted to potty train that weekend. Woah.

Since this was one of the first and only non-busy weekends we had planned, and mother nature kept us indoors, I woke up and thought "let's try to potty train Leah" HA Not sure what I was thinking other than these facts...


1. I trained Ayla in 2 days and she has had 1 accident EVER. None even while training- true story. So I assumed I was some kind of potty whisperer.

2. She is dry through the night and tells me when her diaper is wet (most of the time).

3.Apparently, I like a challenge.

LOONG story short(er): Not now.

We went 3 days cold turkey, no diapers (just like with Ay) expect at bedtime. She was SO clueless. She went along with most of our commands, but I could tell was getting frustrated with the non-stop discussion of potty and sitting and nothing happening. Day 2 I took a shopping day with my mom (awesome) and Jeff took over. He tried his best while completing tasks outside, but it was a flop day. Today, Day 3, was much better. She did actually sucessfully pee on potty once in am. But several accidents happen through the day. Even though I felt like her tush was glued to seat.

I am super proud of her. I feel like I got the wheels turning. But, I also feel like her heart isn't in it. I am guessing soon she'll be wanting to wear those big girl panties again! We are going to keep the potty talk up and encourage it. I will go back to my same method again when she seems like she is more ready.


As for life outside of potty world... I stare at my cake reminents alot. YUM We are crazy running around doing so much or I am here doing all the normal stuff squished in. Dance recital prep and other things are consuming my brain.

Is it sad that I am already looking forward to the weekend ha?


Chelsa said...

i always look forward to the next weekend! lol

the cake looks pretty in your fridge :)

Brookeanne said...

Sounds just like what we've been experiencing with Claire. Sitting on the floor next to her with this big ol' belly also makes it a little bit more challenging. Cute that we got the same potty for the girls though. Happy Birthday to your blessed little 2 year old girl!