Friday, April 15, 2011

103: Friends, Treats, & Playtime

I love that my girls are at the age where they look forward to playing with friends. One of Ayla's besties came over for a couple hours to play the other day. They are at a funny age where they seem so big and so small at the same time. We play all sorts of things. Picked apples out of our (imaginary) orchard. We made rice krispie treats

and when it was time to divulge in our treats we shaped them into crosses and talked about Jesus and Easter.

I look forward to Leah getting friends now. Wonder who she'll cling to?


Chelsa said...

i love that ay and mere are already bff's!

olivia and i were bff's since we were 2... now she's just my sister, but it is fun having ALL my memories with her... they will be the same way i'm sure!

Jen said...

My mouth is watering for Rice Krispie Treats...I think I am going to pack some in my bag for the hospital!!