Thursday, April 28, 2011

Life 365: The Flood and making up for it!

Easter day we woke up to a flood in our basement. Our basement is newly fully finished... sigh.
We were getting ready to house 30+ ppl in said basement. ha

Luckily, we didn't realize how bad it was going to get.

The next day we got it.
Jeff had to take the day off work and bring a crew over to figure out a solution.

A couple new holes in our yard and fixes found and fixed.

We are so blessed that Jeff works for Boyds. I can not say that enough :)
For 2 days straight I vaccummed our carpet every 30min to 1hr. Woah.
Now carpet is almost dry completely and we've got the girl's bday party here on Sat.

Since I was consumed with vac/flood I didn't spend much time with girls and feel bad.
To make up for it we made homemade soft pretzels!

Pretty sure I ate 4.
Have a happy sunshine day!
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Leah Robinson said...

You poor thing! UGH we dealt with that before, and I don't ever want to again LOL

Chelsa said...

glad you got your problem solved!
yummm- pretzels! maybe i should move in with you!

Jen said...

Glad it's all done...ours is still in the process and dealing with insurance and the workers who are doing the job is driving me nuts.

Tera said...

Happy to hear the problem was fixed quickly! You sound like you handled it so well. I would have been a complete basket case! Hope the sunshine continues for your girls' party!