Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just Because

Just because my pal, Jen, has been having contractions.

Just because I love eggs and cheese.

Just because I love you.

Here is my quick version of break-fast casserole....

PS: I have a super rockin' version of "real" breakfast casserole, but this is a good substitute.

You'll need:


Milk (splash)


Sausage, cooked


salt, pepper, pinch of sugar

Go butter up a muffin tin. Beat up eggs in a bowl with a splash of milk, pinch of sugar (just a tad- trust me), s&p. Take a couple slices of bread (we had 12 grain) and cut a little shape out to fit into bottom of each tin. Fill up as many muffin slots as you want. (I used up my last 4 eggs and made about 7 muffins) Sprinkle sausage on top of bread bottoms then pour egg mixture on top. Top with cheese and bake.

I baked mine for about 10min 350 deg. Just watch them. You'll see them start to brown up and form cute eggy muffins. Delish!


Happy Birthday Jennifer :)


Jen said...

Love it! Thanks, chicky.

Tasha said...

oh This is a good one! So glad you shared. Thanks! :)

Beth said...

brilliant! i will let you know how it is with imitation sausage if you want to change it up, haha. i am so impatient when it comes to breakfast, that this should work nicely for us. our aunt/uncle/cousin have laying hens, so we are eating lots of eggs right now :-)

i feel like i haven't been regularly commenting on your blog (and others) but just stalking it by phone during my lunch break like crazy, so here is a catch-all comment for the last couple of weeks: omigoodness the girls are so cute and growing up so much. thanks for sharing and i am proud of you for keeping up with your 365 project. good to hear that the trip was a success and you're back in town. xoxoxo

Ashley said...

Yummy!! Looks good and so quick to make! I would love to have the "real" casserole recipe too. Thinking you should post that sometime. hint, hint.