Thursday, April 21, 2011

Life 365: Thankful Thursday

We are thankful for so much...

Thankful for trees to swing on, even if we are the hillbillies in the neighborhood with the pantless child. Cmon anything for potty training!

Thankful for craft time and teaching my children to give gifts and not expect anything in return.

Thankful for 50% flowers at WalMart because these babies need a home to cheer up too!

Thankful for my two daughter's loving hearts.

Today Ayla kept talking about the Easter bunny and kept going on and on. Finally, I stopped and asked her if she knew why we celebrated Easter. She said, "Yes, Mom, because Jesus died because he loves us". Perfect. Moments like that just stick to me. Recognizing why I stay home with the girls and how much they soak up from me daily.


Tera said...

Beautiful girls, beautiful flowers, beautiful post.

Nate, Haley and Ty said...

I love reading all about your cute little family! I get inspired by reading blogs like yours! Now you have my blog....but it is definitely not as interesting right now as it could be. I may rename it someday because BABYRALSTON.....isnt a baby anymore.
Take care!