Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Catch Up Part 1... 93-97

For those of you who have abandoned my blog... please don't. Life has been a whirlwing lately. Im still sticking with my project "Life 365" Its' been tough. Its so much faster to upload on FB that I am up-to-date on there. But, as usual my blog is neglected.

So here's my attempt to get caught up.... In installments :)

PS. My Picasa stopped blogging me for me. Which is my some of my posts are losing their pics. Not cool Picasa! Not cool. Having to do this all on my own stinks. Its like inventing the wheel again. I keep waiting for something to happen...

93: First day home from vacation.. hanging, cleaning, laundry, etc

94: Ayla spotted an article written by my grandpa (ay's great gpa) on the paper that night. She needed to "read" it. My gpa is an excellant author and historian :)

95:Flashback to last week.... oh how I miss the ocean and a fresh pedicure!

96: Swimming with friends. This was what we needed, a slower adjustment to being back from vaca haha

97: Breakfast of Champs... an ooy, gooy concoction of egg. Kinda like breakfast casserole, only easier YUM

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