Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Life 365: 86 -1st day at the Beach

These next few posts will be some serious catch up. Blogger was being ornery while on vacation, so be prepared for a load of cuteness.

We took a family vacation to West Palm Beach, Fl. This was our first full day at the beach.

And Leah's first time.

It was love at first sight. Leah loved the beach. Her nickname this vaca was "sand monster"... because she would roll, lay, dig, and play in the sand all day. At the end of the day she'd have sand in her hair, ears, eyes, diaper, etc. But she didn't care.

Leah loves the beach.

Ayla was also a big fan. She is getting so big and loved exploring. We have a beach book that we read alot. So she was telling Mamaw and Papaw why the water is blue and all about tides and shells. It was very cute.

Finding shells was her thing. We came home with bags and bags of shells :)

In typical Ayla fashion she didn't get too wet or too dirty. :) She always stayed close when near the water, when Leah would dive in head first. I love seeing the differences btw my two girls.

I can't begin to put in to words how important family vacations are to us. Jeff and I made a decision before we were even married that we would always take the time and money to travel with our kids. Why not share something we love so much with them? I have so many wonderful memories of trips we took when I was a child. And I know our girls will too :)


The Sweet Family said...

We live in West Palm Beach..such a nice town. Looks like you had fun!

Andrew said...
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Tasha said...

You are so right....a whole lotta cuteness!! You got some great pictures. Andrew and I totally feel the same way about vacations!! That's why we are taking our 4 month old to the beach this year! :) Not like he is going to remember, but we will have pics to prove it.

Jen said...

So glad you had a good time...since our beach vacation for this summer got sidled by an unexpected pregnancy (AGAIN!), I'm living through your pictures!

Beth said...

So glad you all had fun! We can't decide where to go this year, but that beach looked pretty nice!

Ashley said...

I agree with you on taking vacay's witht the family. The memories will last a lifetime! Plus you get the opportunity to get some great shots of your girls that may say are some of the cutest girls:) So glad you had a great time!!!!

Tera said...

Your girls look adorable in their suits and it looks like they were having a blast! I agree about vacations!! LOVE traveling!

Chelsa said...

they are so stinkin' cute! (my comments are repetitive, i know).
we feel the same way about vacay's!! tons of my favorite childhood memories are from family vacations and i want the same thing for my boys! the time that goes into planning and the money spent are well worth the fun times and memories!