Saturday, April 23, 2011

Special Days

Easter prep has been consuming my life lately. I know my family doesn't truely care if my house is messy or dusty or they step on cheerios, but its just how my Mama taught me. You prepare for guests, and stress, and fuss. Period.

I don't know if I have said this before, but Easter is my favorite holiday. I just love the renewal of it all. Spring is fresh, grass is green, etc. We are all loved by a man who was beaten and laid on a cross to die so that we can be free. Its crazy. And amazing.

We are hosting 30+ crazy Cosby's at our house to celebrate and I am super pumped. Tables are set up. I cut flowers and made lots of goodies! I guarantee I will gain 5 pounds. But that is ok.

This is only 1 fantastic yummy coming out of my kitchen.

PS. Id like to wish my sweet nephew a happy 10th Birthday! We spent the day with him at Big Splash. We just love that place and my little fish do too :)


Jen said...

Cake Balls! Love it...Hope you guys have a great Easter!

Chelsa said...

my momma taught me to stress and fuss over company too :)

those cake balls look yummo!