Friday, April 15, 2011

104: Happy 2nd Birthday Leah Hope!

Today is my little one's birthday. I am so proud to be her mama. :) I will do a post just for her soon, but for now. Just wanted to give her a quick shout out. Mama loves you, Leah!
Today she woke up out of sorts, and I knew something was up. Ran to MD (we love our ped) right ear was buldging- so she's now on antibiotics. ha So far we're not letting it slow us down. Its been over a year since girls on antibiotics! That is saying alot for us.


Jen said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Miss Leah!!

Chelsa said...

happy birthday leah baby!

love the pics!

Leah Robinson said...

Happy birthday Leah!! So so cute! Love her outfit...I think that's black...I'm obsessed with yellow & black right now ;)

Tera said...

Happy (belated) Birthday, Leah Hope! Goodness...can't believe she is two!