Monday, April 11, 2011

Check it Out...

Miss Thang is turning 2 on Friday. Blow my mind. Really. Not that she doesn't seem "that big" or "that old" because truely she does. She is very smart.

It just seems strange to me that time has passed so quickly.

She is such a great kiddo. (can't say baby anymore)

She continues to be full of life and amazes me daily how much she already knows in her short span on life. She is communicates way beyond her age socially and verbally.

Friday we will have cake as a family and laugh and celebrate a wonderful 2 years! This year we are having a combined bday party for both girls.

Lots of planning and love is being put into having a great shindig!

More on my baby getting older soon....

1 comment:

Chelsa said...

two?! it does seem crazy two years have past!

she's a gorgeous little thang!